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Your donation will help Cherry Valley Cooperative build out its farm store/community center and post harvest processing facility for the 2019 season! 

For our first two years as Cherry Valley Cooperative we have used a pre-existing two car garage as our farm store and CSA pick up location.  This year we learned from Montgomery Township that this was not a legal space to conduct retail business.  In order for us to open in 2019 there are several improvements that need to be made:

  1. Updated electrical work from Residential to Commercial

  2. Fire Exit (Egress)

  3. Emergency exit signs

  4. Restroom and handwashing space

  5. Handicap Parking

  6. Certified Refrigeration and Freezer Space

Our goal is to expand our existing market space by moving our two walk-in refrigerators outside of the building as well as the area where we wash and pack all of our vegetables, eggs, mushrooms and berries.  This will give us double the square footage, and the space to install a public restroom.  This will allow us to expand our offerings to the community as well as have a legal, rain-or-shine public space for small events that can happen year round.

please follow our story and progress on our website, facebook page and instagram page.

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