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Who We Are

Cherry Valley Cooperative is a collaboration of farmers, chefs, innovators, students, artists, and wellness professionals with the shared vision of celebrating our connection to nature.  Cherry Valley Cooperative serves as the platform for our producers and facilitators to share resources and offer a wide variety of services and products to our community. 


Our producers are dedicated to growing healthy food which is produced using resilient ecological stewardship.  We offer vegetables, herbs, log grown mushrooms, and pastured raised eggs.  Our facilitators are dedicated to gatherings and education around health, wholism, and an integrated connection to nature.  We offer potlucks, education for beginning farmers, nature play classes, plant walks, sound therapy massage, and yoga. 


We value collaboration over competition to inspire a new culture of eating and living in central NJ and beyond.

Celebrating & Sharing

Our Connection to Nature

Your Farm

Great ecological agriculture starts with close attention to the health of the soil.  Proper water management techniques and a robust soil ecology allow us to grow great tasting, nutrient dense food without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides or pesticides.

We understand that under the right conditions, healthy plants have their own immune systems that help them to fight off disease and pests naturally.  

Cherry Valley Cooperative Farm is a diverse 97 acre farm in Montgomery, NJ with open fields, pasture, forest, wetland and a lake.  It is beautiful, historic farmland less than five miles from Princeton, Hopewell, and Skillman.


Cherry Valley Cooperative Farm and our sister farms, Four Barns Farm & Bubbly Jen's Farm, grow high diversity vegetables, berries, fruit, flowers, mushrooms, herbs and pasture raised eggs, lamb, and pork.

Where To Find Us

Cherry Valley Cooperative Farm

619 Cherry Valley Rd.

Princeton, NJ 08540


Four Barns Farm (our sister farm!)

101 Old Georgetown Rd.

Princeton, NJ 08540

Food grown with a commitment

to health and the environment

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